Well. Hello there…

Welcome to Backpacker Jon. I’m Jon, and I like to backpack. Who’d have thought it?

​I’m just a regular 33 year old guy hailing from the Big Smoke in the UK. I possess a dry, if somewhat quirky sense of humour and style of writing and I began what has become a torrid love affair with travelling when I was 7. This was when I went on my first overseas trip outside of the UK. Since then I have travelled to over 30+ countries, lived on 4 continents and burnt through most of my earnings in the process.

Aside from travelling I enjoy a good story, either a yarn with other people, a movie, tv show or game and have recently rekindled my love of books having set myself a challenge to read a book a week for the entirety of 2023.​

I am also a lover of the great outdoors. You’ll often find me on the hills enjoying nature, kayaking a river, lake or sea or perhaps bouldering. I have completed a number of very cool hikes including Everest Base Camp in Nepal and numerous hikes in the UK. I am currently planning to walk the Te Araroa in New Zealand – a 3,000 km thru-hike spanning the length of the country.

While travelling I do also try and improve my photography skills as well as mastering how to fly a drone. All the photos / videos on the site will be my own and any tips for improvement are always welcome. 

I am also trying to be more environmentally conscious, which given my love of travel is really quite difficult if not somewhat paradoxical. That said one cannot do more than try. As such this blog will attempt to find ways of reconciling travel with the environment.

So feel free to join me for the ride and let’s see where on the trail we end up.